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Raising of the First Hoop
A hoop house is a series of large hoops or bows—made of metal, plastic pipe or wood—covered with a layer of heavy greenhouse plastic. The plastic is stretched tight and fastened to baseboards with strips of wood, metal or wire. A hoop house is heated by the sun and cooled by the wind. Hoop houses can be erected over a patch of ground or rows of raised beds. We use ours to extend our growing season in the spring and fall and also to house heat loving crops in the summer, such as peppers.  Raising the first hoop was quite the learning process. It all started here. With Mom’s dream and knowledge of the earth. Dad was the main designer and engineer behind the project, and put in many long hours behind the scenes getting it all planned and laid out. We chose a nice spring day to add the main cover, and as it is all one piece, we had a little bit of downtime while we waited for the wind gusts to die down. Later on in further galleries, you will see the ENOROMOUS sliding doors he engineered for each end, and how the sides roll up and down for ventilation on hot days.
Spring Gardens
Our busiest time of year. Trying to get everything all prepped, organized and in the ground. Starting the seeds, prepping the ground, laying out the rows and beds, and making sure companion and crops are being rotated properly, everyone pitches in to get the job done.
Summer Gardens
Inch by inch row by row, everything is in the ground and making its way to harvest time. Now we are replanting some of our shorter season crops to keep them coming as well as laying to rest our early spring crops such as rhubarb and asparagus until next season.
Around the Farm
We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty as we work. Here is a small portal into our world outside of the gardens, all photos taken by our talented sister, Katie. It was amazingly difficult to pick just a few to share with you.
Phases of the Hoophouse
As time goes from early spring, when we are starting out flowers and plants to be transplanted, to late summer when our peppers and late crops are being started, the hoophouse is a never ending cycle of weeding and planting. It is so much fun to watch it change from week to week throughout the growing season.
CSA Baskets
Here are just a few examples of the beautiful CSA, Bulk Produce, and Flower shares that we have had in the past. More pictures coming soon!
Flowers Flowers Everywhere!
Who doesn’t love the color and beauty of flowers surrounding them? Jen’s main passion that we all enjoy, and we are so thankful she shares it with us. Our little bee, hummingbird, and butterfly friends are thankful too.
CSA, Craft Fairs, and Farmers Market
We are generally too busy tending to our customers to snap pictures during these times, but here are a few that we have managed to grab during our down time.

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