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The Inch by Inch Story

Inch by Inch Organic Farm is a small family owned business set deep in the valley of Sand Creek.  What started as a hobby farm 30 years ago, has grown over the years as our family has grown.

This season will mark our 8th growing season and sharing our love of farm-fresh produce with you and your family!

Coming from a close-knit family, two of the most important values that we were raised with were supporting your community and having a strong work ethic. With the support of our parents, (Mike and Karen), the 3 Sisters (Jen, Katie and Deb) joined forces to pursue the transition of the family farm to a small business. We had become disenchanted with the lack of choices of quality, fresh vegetables that were available in the Sparta community and are working to provide a new alternative to the local superstores.

Before groceries were commercially available, most families maintained their own gardens to help feed their families.   Busy families today don’t have the time, energy, or space for these gardens. That is where we come in. We grow many of the same varieties of vegetables that your parents and grandparents grew in their own gardens, so a bag of veggies from us each week is just like a basket from grandma’s garden!

familyWe are considered a “transitional” farm meaning we are in the process of qualifying for organic certification through state and national channels.   In a time when it is hard to trust what chemicals and additives are being used in and on your food, counting on your local farmers has become even more important. Unlike commercial farms which are far too large to implement any practical organic practices, we are able to plant and harvest smaller gardens and let nature take its course, using companion plantings and natural pest deterrents, instead of chemical pesticides and herbicides. It takes a little more time, but it is well worth it!   The time we spend tending to our plantings not only benefit you, but each of us as well.   We lovingly call it “our Dirt Therapy”.

Over the past few seasons, we have adopted several methods of making our farm as sustainable as possible.  From planting practices to our packaging, we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the earth.  One method we have in place is planting into re-usable fabric and then seeding our walking aisles in cover crops to help reduce erosion, especially during our recent rainy summers!  These are called “living aisles”.  Not only does this help with weed and erosion control, it helps boost the organic matter and nutrients in the soil to allow our crops to grow better the following season.

We have moved to re-usable shopping bags for your weekly pick-ups and bio-degradable produce bags for your greens and bulk items that we send through the season.   This season, we will also be switching to additional compostable packaging for our cherry tomatoes and other similar small vegetables.

Not only do you not have to worry about chemicals on your Inch by Inch vegetables, but another bonus when growing naturally is taste! Most commercially grown produce is chosen for “pack-ability” rather than flavor. We choose our vegetables by growing quality varieties that have passed the test of time. Most of our seeds are considered ‘organic heirloom’, meaning that we use varieties that were commonly grown during earlier periods in human history, but which are not used in modern large scale agriculture. We also have become more conscious of those seeds that are genetically modified. In doing our research for our seed purchases, we have found the most reliable sources for quality, organic, non-GMO seeds for us to grow.

FamilyR With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. At Inch by Inch Organic Farm, we are focused on providing service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Any of our members (or perspective members) are welcome to take a tour of our farm or meet with the growers to discuss practices in-depth. Contact us to set up an appointment and we will be happy to work with you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our name is inspired by the song you are currently hearing and we take the lyrics to heart.

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